Each course is tailored to the individual’s requirement; this means that you become a safer driver and helps you maximise your investment in the course

Our courses are designed around each student depending on their requirements; some students require more time on the driving side of things and others on the reversing or hitching/unhitching of the trailer.  As a result, before any training takes place Richard starts each course with an assessment to gauge each individual’s areas which need improvement.

This assessment takes place over two hours using a dual control 4X4 an trailer and covers a wide variety of road situations including roundabouts and junctions. At the end of the assessment your training requirements will be discussed and a written report will be emailed to you, giving recommendations of what you can do before your next lesson in order to make the best progress.

The training section of the course can take as long as you feel comfortable with. Intense courses are on offer for the more experienced towers; these generally consist of one and a half days training followed by the test at the end of the second day. The test is broken down into two sections:

Part 1: 30 minutes

  • You will be asked to do a reversing exercise.
  • You will be asked to unhitch and then hitch up the trailer to the car

Part 2: 60 minutes

  • ​You will be asked to drive taking on all types of roads and junctions

At the end of the test you will be given the result of your test and given a break down of any faults you made during your test.

Of course, we also offer simple improver lessons without the need for a test. Anything is possible, just contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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